Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter Tale..

"Mummy, Mum.. Mummy." whispers a little voice at the foot of my bed. In my mind I am thinking it can't possibly be that time already. "The Easter Hare has been!" Oh my gosh it is that time. Eyes trying to adjust, my body simply has not had enough sleep, I can feel it. The light is much brighter than break of dawn.. "Come and see Mummy, the Easter Hare has been, he bought eggs Mum. Come see!!!" he says in the most excited whisper you can imagine. Pull myself out of bed to come see. Holding hands, I am shown through each room and every light in the house is on. Every egg has been carefully collected and put in his room and I had not heard a thing. The oven reads 2.46am. The realization that I need to help the excited 4yr old back to bed quietly is upon me. Fortunately he went happily and without fuss. Ahh, back to bed. Look at baby and she has not woken. Sent a quick note to Mammie and Opa in USA as they would be awake and thought I'd let them in on the current activity.

So sunrise looked like this.. 

Gnomes all happy and enjoying the morning light. An eager face sings a song from school "Happy Easter, Happy Easter, Happy Easter everyone..." whilst carrying fresh raspberries in chocolate cups to his Daddy. Smiles all round. 

A short break for boiled eggs that were collected during the night and warm porridge for the baby then surprise when more eggs were found in the garden. (Well actually the same eggs from the early morning find were redistributed along with some chocolate ones from Nanna and Pappy)

Baby Tara was very happy to swap her chocolate carrot for two chocolate chicks thanks to Grandma.  Lawson was very happy about that.

Then to keep the eggs warm. First with muslin however it is Autumn and it was cold and the cloth simply would not do... to wrap them individually in wool nests and cover them himself like a real hen you see. 
Thank you Easter Hare for bringing so much joy and play to this little family this morning... Happy Easter.  

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  1. This blog is well written, fun to read and the photos are the best.