Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nido Organics

Nido organics has just updated their site with online shopping facilities and new images from Innocent Eyes Photography. I had fun creating this nest with Willow and above ground root systems from the huge the Morton bay fig trees in our area. We have the entire Nido range and honestly, I am in LOVE. The brains behind the business, Sascha Jones, grew up learning lots from her father who worked for a company making mattresses. Spending time at her Dads work, she watched them being treated by resting the mattresses over chemical baths long enough to soak up the fumes of the chemical before being packaged up and sent out for us to sleep on! This experience became the driving force for Nido Organics. Funnily enough, Justin and I we were in search for the perfect natural, chemical free mattress and in the interim, purchased a normal run of the mill one. We had to leave the it in the plastic packaging it came in, cover it with blankets and even then it filled Lawson's room with a smell I will never forget. We ended up destroying the mattress and having to organize alternative sleeping arrangements until our Nido futon arrived. Im am not lying when I tell you I smile every time put Lawson down and kiss him good night. I am so happy to know he can sleep without harm and stay warm and cosy. Enjoy the images, and the product and join Sascha on her blog too

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spearmint Baby

The wonderful Spearmint Baby has featured us on her blog. CLICK HERE TO SEE! You may like to follow the spearmint baby blog to keep posted on the amazing childrens products and services featured regularly.