Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whilst we are waiting..

 I am not one to share the intimacies of my life on the internet however as we are fortunate to spend our days with couples as they transition into parenthood, I felt a little of our story may be welcomed. Justin and I are expecting our second baby in just 5 weeks. Now as the house couldn't possibly be any cleaner, we have reached a space where final things are being put into place and the waiting has begun. Looking through images of our son Lawson, I found these and thought I would share them with you...

Celebrating Winter

Justin took this picture on a winter walk in the Watagan Mountains, N.S.W. Although it is rare to experience snow in this region, the magic of this image reminded me of the animals we saw darting across the path to take refuge from the cold. Which brings me to the book we are currently reading to welcome the spirit of King Winter. 'Any Room for Me?' by Loek Koopmans is a gentle winter tale telling of the forest animals making a warm house in the woodcutters mitten. Available from Rudolf Steiner House, Sydney (02) 9264 5169
(book pages from itunes 'ipad preview')

little rabbit in need of a mitten..
The woodland home of Justin's Dad, Arthur and wife Pamela..
..the eagle that watches over their home



Baby love

Beautiful Ari